And now for some other fanart

Chitoge kirisaki from Nisekoi done on May 27, I think I was tired for this one, I have been

reading the series and felt like drawing her character.
And last of my fanart for now, is Yuko for Xxxholic done on June 2, and I was extremely

tired for this one, so I’m surprised how it turned out XD and its one with alot more detail

Ok up next is my stuff ^^

The one Sailor moon fanart that couldn’t be included in the last bunch ^^


reaching my limit the other day, I didn’t get round to posting this and others ^^ anyway

Black lady done on June 1, same as Mars and Venus I was tired when I was drawing this, but I think unlike the other two, this one come out really well XDI have been switching from my mechanical pencil to a lead holder

I’ll have to add the link to the other one later ^^

Bunch of Sailor moon Fanart


I finally got them up XD

I am now going to proceed to tell you which ones I was drowsy on and so forth

Rei miko done on May 22, and I was drowsy at the time

Sailor moon done on May 29, I did this before I had to take netty (my cat) to the vet, she had a lump on her tail, and also after hearing/reading that sailor moon is coming back to the US all of 200 eps (that means stars!) and movies and special I was so happy that, I cried XD

Sailor Saturn done on May 30, I did her after seeing the new figuart of her coming out

Sailor Mars done on June 1, and I did this while I was drowsy, and another sailor moon mood XD I think I’ll have to draw it again later

Sailor Venus done on June 1, and this was done after Sailor Mars and I was still drowsy. Both Sailor Mars and Venus were done out of memory

the next one will be up next post I have 10 so its full XD

Set final fantasy IV & I —-Monster Lilith and black Mage


finally got this up XD The other day, I couldn’t write my description my computer was acting weird, better today ^^, more art on the way by the way ^^

this is done on a different paper, not done on card stock, on drawing paper

I have been working on my guide line for this sort of challenge

goes like this XD 1 down or up for past ff fanart (example: ffx and then 1 down would be ffix)
2 up or down from recently part one set (example: FFix - FFvii)
if the next set,lands on a ff number draw recently, like one before recent (example: new/working on, recent, previous)—(Example: set ffx/ffViii, set ffVii/ffix, then if we do ffviii then its 3 from that)
then it 3 down or up and has to be a monster and if I land on a ff I recently done again, then it’s 4 down or up and so on (if it’s the end of the set its 2 instead of 1 and so on)

I’m still working on it XD more artwork coming up

the rest of the sets ^^

Garnet doodle started it XD here-> http://yura—
Fanart set 1 Rinoa+Yuna here-> http://yura—
Fanart set 2 Eiko+Aerith here-> http://yura—
Fanart set 3 Terra+Rydia here-> http://yura—
Fanart set 4 Aria+Faris here-> http://yura—

A bunch of fanart~


I saw a video on there with frozen characters doing thriller XD and after that just felt like drawing Elsa XD

next is Mio from fatal frame 2/project zero 2 from the wii version, I have been watching a walkthrough and just wanting to play it, plus there are little ideas for watercolour ideas

and Alice from pandora hearts, because I started getting back into the manga XD and just felt like drawing her XD

Just a bunch of sketches


the girl with the eye patch I did with a new pen I pick up at the artstore —-Xenon, aqua roller—-

and then I added more to the one with eye patch, and just kept doodling plus coming up next are some fanart I did XD

And again with my digital wip XD

taking a break from it for them moment, doing some fanart/doodling.
for a contest ^^ and I’m trying to get it finished in  time XD (if it kills me)
doing a mask at this moment ^^

And again with my digital wip XD


taking a break from it for them moment, doing some fanart/doodling.

for a contest ^^ and I’m trying to get it finished in  time XD (if it kills me)

doing a mask at this moment ^^

huh, I didn’t know that XD

Who knew Adele, that she was born on may 5 XD 2 days after me

yay for May babies XD lol

was watching the news and they were talking about Adele

Had to post something XD


So I’m still working on my contest entries XD I have until fri 16 of may, do you think I’ll make it? O.o

I have some other stuff to post but I’ve gotten slow at the moment XD

and yes the top one has me looking at Amnesia otome game XD

What I’m working on for the contest


I have two idea so far, and this might be the only time you’ll see them, because once I enter them they are no longer mine T.T

but anyway you can see me correcting my lines, and one pic has me browsing in pixiv, which I have made an account ^^

my pixiv id is 10511048 if anyone is curious ^^ but it mostly some of my fav works I’ve done ^^