gift fanart #2


the other fanart gift for my friend

also a couple of wip pics

as the second idea out of the three that was finished/used

this idea is a reference to every time that pirate/ ex girlfriend attack in the game

also framed ^^

Gift fanart #1


As I had said with the ayeka fanart that was one idea I was doing for someone birthday, this was one of the idea that was finish, and framed

two pictures are before I framed it and the last is it framed

link fighting one of those pesky spiders XD

two more coming ^^

not part of intober but wanted to show you


just wanted to show you what I did with a notebook I got XD

the back with the price tag XD

the front

and all

Sailor moon fanart 2


first a wip of Pluto then all the finished photos of Pluto, Sailor Pluto was done on July 22, I sort of worked on and off with Pluto XD

next is Sailor Neptune done on Aug 03, very happy how it turned out ^^

and then Sailor Uranus started on Aug 22/finished on Sept 02

and I have done all of the inner and outer soldiers, but I’ll probably do more XD

right now working on my inktober stuff XD got two done

Sailor moon fanart time XD


Mercury done on July 10 done before the second ep of sailor moon crystal

Jupiter done on July 13/15 after Mercury, might redesign and use it for watercolour idea :D

Chibi moon done on July 14 came out really well XD very happy about his one lol, more coming ^^

My artwork before more fanart


mostly rough ideas and rough sketches

rough ideas for my character the tulip queen, and the other flower queens

rough of Queen of Carnations and queen of roses, and some working on queen of waterlilies XD I wanted to give some love to my characters lol

and then last is a rough idea sketch of my characters from a story

More fanart—- all over the place lol


first off is a rough sketch of anĀ  idea for kikyo and kagome I had a similar idea but I can’t remember it, mostly what I remember it had something to do with threads of fate type thing.

and then Tomoe from kamisama kiss/ kamisama hajimemashita, after getting back into kh I felt like drawing Tomoe in my style ^^ (though I feel like I need to work on it lol)

next is another fanart from Blazblue XD love that game then again I might just like fighting games, because of playing against my Big B XD

Anyway Noel Vermillion from blazblue my Big b uses her and kicks my ass (grr) but I can see why she is fun to play and hurts alot lol

and next is another fanart from Inuyasha this time yura of the hair.

a rough sketch of an idea that entered my head.

and last is an idea for a friend’s birthday, I had a few ideas and this was one of them but it wasn’t used in the end, I might finish it anyway at some point.

wip — midnight butterfly


not finish yet, and I’m not sure when I’ll get it finish either.

the last one, I found up, was my first trace for colouring, I couldn’t find it (at the time) XD

so I did another one, and that’s the one I used lol

also the one above that is one I had to take another photo because it was heavily blurry ^^ above that XD

Ok this is stuff has be in limbo for a while now


one of them the bunny one I was debating to post on my ecchi/nfw tumblr but after I was sketching a innocent idea trying out different poses etc. I realized this is tame compared to it ^^

so lets start

the top on are concepts to the banner that goes around the avatar on here

I censored one of them, but that is going to be post in my other tumblr uncensored

below that is my character Nathanael, holding Cross in his cat form

and below that are concepts and character design of the character/mascot I had done for that contest i had entered (which my working on it in fireaplaca is somewhere on here)

I had themes going when working on it but they all some how involved food lol or books

and the last one below the two designs are my characters I felt like working on

old design —

playing with colour, the bunny is on this too —-

Sorry for the long absence

but I have a lot of artwork coming so, get ready to be spammed over loaded with artwork ^^